Patty Merski

Patty "PK" Merski began writing jingles and stories at a very young age, just for fun.   She holds a BS in Management Information Systems and worked on innovative projects in health care for many years. She then became a stay-at-home mom, raised three children and started a publishing company, Skeezel Press, with the creation of a single title, Roaring, Boring Alice (A Story of the Aurora Borealis).  She wrote Mother Beach many years ago to honor fond memories of summers spent at Presque Isle State Park and her Grandma's cottage, the setting for the story and where her love for finding beach glass began.  Specimens featured in the book are from her personal collection.  Patty and her husband, Ron, currently live along the shores of Lake Erie and enjoy traveling, while she continues to create and write, usually in rhyme!