Nils Gilbranson

Nils is the youngest of five siblings, parented by two incredible people, Ki and Margo.  Nils's brothers Hans, Per, and John, and sister Shiloh have also always been an important part of his life.

After growing up playing soccer and basketball, and then onto semi-professional soccer for several years, Nils developed a passion for sports and working out.  Pickleball is no different.  Writing was always a fun hobby that Nils had, and advanced college creative writing was his favorite subject.  This is his first non-fiction book.

Growing up in a Christian home, Nil’s parents impressed on him through adolescence that there's a big world out there and that he could use his gifts to serve, please, and glorify God. Containing an entrepreneurial spirit, Nils is actively involved in the business world through commercial real estate, finance, and technology.

Nils' most recent endeavor is heading a tech-startup developing a web application to help Christians better understand and study the Bible in a new and modern technological world.

Nils is currently working as a commercial real estate advisor with hopes to transition into leading his tech-startup into the future, while continuing to pursue what the Lord has in store for him.