Liz Bockelman

Liz Bockelman grew up in the small town of Rochelle, Illinois in times when childhood was idyllic and faith was the center of most people’s universe. Inspired by the raucus bedtime stories her mother often told, Liz wrote and told stories throughout her early years. In 2017, LIz began independently publishing a few of her holiday stories, all told in rhyme, in the American Holiday Series. These stories are filled with flawed characters who stumble through plots full of twists and turns—but then things work out, the good guys win, and a lesson is learned. Because readers find interesting information about the book’s story topic in both the front and back pages of her books, Liz now refers to her titles as “Fact ‘N Fiction books. “Rana Eclipso Rising, A Total Eclipse of the Sun Story,” her latest title, will be the first title in Liz’s new Learning with Picture Book program. This program will supply elementary teachers, K-5, with Fact ‘N Fiction books for the classroom. “What hasn’t changed,” Liz says, “is that I hope my stories entertain and inspire you!”