Ken Peterson

Ken Peterson, has extensive formal education and experience in the theory and application of various economic systems. His appreciation of the American Dream drove him first to defend it as a decorated military officer, then to pursue it during a successful career in the private sector, and more recently to preserve it while serving with distinction in public office. Ken returned to public service in 2012 when he was elected to the Goochland County Board of Supervisors, serving as Chairman in 2013 and again in 2018. He chaired the Finance Committee and led Goochland through two significant financial restructurings that helped avert a potentially disastrous outcome. The financial restructurings helped the county earn AAA credit ratings from all three major rating agencies. During his experience in elected office, Ken has witnessed extensive and repeated fiscal mismanagement at all levels of government. He believes leaders with a strong moral character, considerable financial skills and a working knowledge of the economy will be required to resolve America’s fiscal challenges and avoid disaster from reckless indebtedness.