John J. Dwyer
"Detailed, heroically ambitious history of our state."
--The Oklahoman

"As fine a treatment of the subject and period as we are likely to witness in our lifetime."
--James Caster, Professor Emeritus of Political Science, University of Central Oklahoma

"A remarkable book. The difference between Dwyer and other historians is that he doesn't just tell what happened, he shows why people did what they did. Every generation of Oklahomans needs their own recounting of Oklahoma history. This is ours."
--Bob Blackburn, Executive Director, Oklahoma Historical Society

"To undertake such a task of compiling an accurate history of a people or land spanning centuries is a daunting task. To do so in a manner that is not only factual, but also enjoyable to read is another matter altogether. With precise detail and compelling story-telling enhanced by beautiful illustrations, informative maps and priceless photographs, John J. Dwyer presents the inspiring story of Oklahoma and its people in the first volume of The Oklahomans.
--Tulsa World

"Students of Oklahoma history and those ex-patriots now located throughout the country will find Dwyer's work inspiring."
--Norman Transcript

"A wonderful read--clearly written, copiously illustrated, objective in research and presentation."
--William Murchison, nationally syndicated columnist and former senior editor, Dallas Morning News

"Magnificent, luminous chronicle of the epic history of Oklahoma. Every family in the state should have it."
--KVOO Radio

"A masterpiece. A vivid account of the diverse people (whose) distinct sacrifices and aspirations collided and formed a state defined by grit, conflict, and unbridled optimism."
--KGOU Radio

"This attractively designed history of the Sooner state is sure to provide even the most serious scholar information not previously known. I could not recommend it more highly."
--Loren Gresham, President, Southern Nazarene University

"An incredible trove of maps and drawings and visuals of all kinds, vivid and colorful. John Dwyer has written a wonderful story."
--Frank Keating, former Governor of Oklahoma, from the foreword

"Engaging reading and new imagery I've not seen before. I am enthralled with what Dwyer has accomplished.
--William D. Welge, Director, Office of American Indian Culture and Preservation, Oklahoma Historical Society

"John Dwyer has done a magnificent job of expressing the essence of the Oklahoma spirit, but has done so in a captivating and interesting manner."
--Mike E. O'Neal, President Emeritus, Oklahoma Christian University, and Chancellor, University of Rwanda

"Oklahomans can read this book with pride as we discover our heritage. Others will be amazed that this simple state on the Southern plains has such a colorful and rich history.
--Mark Braisher, Executive Vice President and Academic Dean, Randall University