Elreta Dodds

Elreta Dodds is an award winning author and ordained minister who writes Christian apologetic
books (books that defend the Christian faith) that focus on social issues. She is also a Licensed
Professional Counselor and a Licensed Masters Social Worker. Dodds has a Master of Arts
degree in Guidance and Counseling and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, both of which
were obtained from Wayne State University where she graduated with honors. Dodds taught
courses in community services for eight years as an adjunct instructor at Siena Heights
University and is retired from the state of Michigan Department of Health and Human Services
after twenty-five years of service. She is winner of the 2011 National Indie Excellence Award in
Social Change for her book, "Racism, The Bible, and The American Dream.” Her latest title, “The
Right to Be Christian in a Gay Rights America,” is her seventh work of non-fiction.