Djordje Bajic

Đorđe Bajić is a Serbian film and literary critic and writer from Belgrade with a master’s degree in art and media theory. He wrote for Popboks, Yellow Cab, Huper, City Magazine, NIN’s cultural section... Currently, he pens film reviews and articles about art and culture for Vreme. Together with Zoran Janković and Ivan Velisavljević, he is the author of the book A Critical Guide to Serbian Film 2000—2017 (2018) and The Best Serbian Films of the 21st Century (2019). His story Košuta (Doe) is included in the anthology BalkaNoir (2018), published in Greece, and the story Besnilo 2.0 (Rabies 2.0) is featured in an anthology dedicated to Borislav Pekić, Pre vremena čuda (Before the Time of Miracles, 2020, Laguna). Death in Pink is his fourth novel, preceded by Ostrvo prokletih (Island of the Damned, 2010), Žuta kabanica (Yellow Raincoat, 2013) and Jedno đubre manje (One Bastard Less, 2015).