David R. Waddell

David is an author, worship leader, church planter, ghost writer, fitness & nutrition lifestyle coach, bodybuilder & powerlifter, and thoroughly a nerd. “Pastor Davo” to the online gaming community, formerly “The American Muscle” Dave Russle to the wrestling & fitness community, and currently a burgeoning entrepreneur and minister to the nations. Dave's unique giftings and insights have enabled him to empower others in a variety of ways for breakthrough and success across all walks of life. 

David is the founder of The True Love Journey Ministries, Inc, AMA Discipleship (a fitness lifestyle coaching non-profit), Pastor Davo LLC (a preaching & teaching mentoring & consulting business), with several other ministries and businesses in the works. His purpose in life is to reach the Nations with the Gospel of the Kingdom, until the Kingdom has preeminence in the Nations. David, alongside his wife Sara, lives in Paducah, KY, the hub of the “Four Rivers Region '' in the Heartland, USA. They have two dogs and two cats—Pretty Boy & Fluffy Rain Cloud of Holy Ghost Glory and Yaffee Ari & Snuggle Wuggle the Buggle Cat. David has penned nearly 30 manuscripts to date, and looks forward to releasing each one as the Spirit leads.