Dallyn Maresco

Dallyn Maresco is the editor and food stylist for website, magazine, and cookbooks by Best Recipes Media Group, LLC. For Dallyn, learning how to cook came at a young age. It began by making lunches on the weekends and finding new snacks to whip up after school. Her love of baking stemmed from time with grandma and the feeling of home and joy that came with it. Cooking and baking became some of the things she enjoyed best, an escape from reality, a time to learn new things, and experiment with flavors she hadn’t tried yet. Her belief is that food is what brings everyone together – whether for the holidays or just family dinners, a time to sit with the ones you love, enjoy good food, and to tell stories of life and love – which is why cooking means so much to her.

Her skill in writing is what initially brought her to the food team at Best Recipes, but it was her love of food and art that is quickly what made her an integral part of the operations and becoming our food stylist. She says writing and testing recipes is fun but her favorite part is actually the art behind it; styling the food and preparing the dishes for photography and publication is her favorite part of the process. She has a hand in every recipe before it’s seen by our community, and we are glad to have her here to make our food look as delicious as it tastes.