Carol " Reynolds Johnson

"Carol Reynolds Johnson is a lifelong equestrian, retired veterinary technician, and avid gardener of heirlooms. New Hampshire is her home, where its diverse geography provides the inspiration for her love of nature. Exploring tidal pools at the seashore, fishing from the docks of her grandparents’ marina, and extensive hiking and trail riding throughout the White Mountains are among her many treasured adventures. An accomplished rider and teacher of several disciplines, Carol enjoys classical dressage the most. She especially loves Thoroughbred horses. Rehabbing and retraining them after their racing days are over is a joy for her. Animals have enhanced every aspect of Carol’s life, and she shares her love for them by teaching riding, writing for children, and through her pet-assisted therapy dog, Ziva. Evening Star Farm is home to Carol and husband, George; her horse, Rickie Macchiato; two ponies, Ava and Vern; two Bouvier de Flandres dogs, Buddy and Ziva; a small flock of chickens; and Beatrice the partridge.