Ariane Erickson

Ariane Erickson, along with her husband Todd, founded Norse-Gael Books in 2023, and celebrated the launch of their first book, BAXTER AND JEFFREY, with a giant slice of chocolate cake and an ice-cold glass of milk.

Ariane and Todd are committed to creating children’s books that root for the underdogs, promote kindness and empathy, welcome and affirm all readers, embrace characters that are flawed but lovable, create feelings of satisfaction, security, and belonging, elicit uproarious laughter from children and adults alike, and are worth reading again and again.

When not publishing children's books, Ariane enjoys sneaking in a daily chocolate before her family comes home, worrying if she is under or over watering her plants, and buying pillows for the couch (much to her family’s chagrin).

Visit Ariane and Todd at to learn more about their favorite brand of chocolate, where to buy decorative pillows, and how to make friends when you're a Viking.