Andres Bircher

"Dr. med.Andres Bircher grandson of Max Bircher-Benner.Medical studies in Zürich and Geneva, ten years practice as a hospital physician in anesthesiology, intensive care, emergency medicine, surgery, pediatrics, psychosomatics, haematology, geriatrics, psychiatry and psychotherapy, medical specialist(Facharzt) in an administrative position at Zürich university hospitals, teaching analysis with Brian Kenny, chief physician (Chefarzt) of a hospital for internal medicine in Zurich and later in Western Switzerland, medical specialist (Facharzt) in TCM and acupuncturist in Vienna; studies of neural therapy, manual therapy and traditional homeopathy, successful completion of medical specialist (Facharzt) training in balneology, climatology and physical medicine in Germany, scientific work on food energies, dietetics and the effects of regulatory medicine.

Dr. med. Andres Bircher is the medical manager of the Centre for Scientific Natural Medicine Bircher-Benner."