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Don Williams (Author)

Terror in Tehran

Terror in Tehran

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DB Williams Publishing
6.25 X 9 in
344 pg

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Clint Jarrett, an Ivy League educated cattle rancher, is the personal assassin for the president of the United States. Three or four times a year he is called to dispatch a high-value Oval Office target. En route to Tehran to target an international criminal tagged Demus, Jarrett befriends a beautiful, mysterious woman named Ziba Vijany who has her own dark secrets. Jarrett must protect her from her past at all costs.

Jarrett figures Demus is up to no good. He’s a dirty dealmaker specializing in contract assassinations for rogue governments and arms trafficking. With the help of Ziba Vijany and intel from the CIA, Jarrett uncovers a sinister plot linking Demus and Iran’s malevolent theocratic leadership. Ordered by the president to thwart the plot, Jarrett is catapulted into a frenetic race against time. His vaunted skills will be tested as he is destined to a final showdown with the new “axis of evil.”

The clock is ticking…the future of mankind hangs in the balance. Should Jarrett fail, global war is inevitable.

Don Williams
Author Bio

Don Williams is a retired cardiac surgeon, who holds a BS and MS in chemical engineering from Cornell University and an MD from Jefferson Medical College. He has written a number of technical papers, but his love of reading thrillers brought him into the world of fictional writing. Terror in Tehran is his second novel. He lives in South Florida with his wife where he is working on the sequel to Terror in Tehran.