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Notary Public Handbook: A Guide for Maine

Notary Public Handbook: A Guide for Maine

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Notary Public Handbook: A Guide for Maine

by Alfred E. Piombino


The single best reference for anyone who needs to understand this vital public office...

Here is the first and only book in publishing history dedicated to full coverage of the Notary office in Maine, written by one of the nation’s leading experts of contemporary Notary practice.


This organized guide “demystifies” the office of Notary Public, and clarifies many misconceptions and inappropriate practices that result from the lack of accurate information available to Notaries Public and the general public.


It will be extremely useful to individuals seeking initial appointment as Notaries Public, experienced Notaries Public now in office, and persons who are simply interested in learning more about this historic public office.


Notary Public Handbook includes:


- Clear descriptions of Notary Public authority, duties and responsibilities, including performing marriage ceremonies and issuing subpoenas and warrants.

- Over 85 illustrations and charts.

- Essential legal and certificate forms.

- Details on the authority, duties and responsibilities of the offices of Dedimus Justice and Commissioner of Deeds.

- Current material pertinent to all Notaries Public - both private and public sector.

- Technical legal and business terms explained within the chapters and compiled in an encyclopedic glossary.

- 7 appendices - including Maine Court System, Maine Constitution - providing reference information vital to filing public records, maintaining a Notary Public commission and keeping current with pertinent state laws.


** Foreword by the Honorable Bill Diamond, Secretary of State of the State of Maine**


TITLE:  Notary Public Handbook: A Guide for Maine

AUTHOR:  Alfred E. Piombino

PUBLISHER:  East Coast Publishing

ISBN 13: 978-0-944560-32-6

ISBN 10: 0-944560-32-7

PAGES: 504

WEIGHT:  1.5 pounds

SIZE:  8.5 x 1.25 x 5.25”

ATTRIBUTES:  Illustrated, Bibliography

SUBJECT:  Reference Law

FORMAT:  Quality Trade Soft Cover



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