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Tom Wade (Author)

Multiple Revelations About the Book of Revelations

Multiple Revelations About the Book of Revelations

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Dementi Milestone Publishing
6 X 9 in
174 pg

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The inspiration of Jesus Christ and the love of God is the most powerful force in the entire world. Since this is true, I can say that the leaders of this country do not live in Washington, DC, or any state capitol. The leaders of this country should be living in the pulpits of our churches on Sunday morning. So, we need to take the inspirational power away from the politicians and give it to Jesus Christ. This can be accomplished by going to church together. When we go to an all-white church or an all-black church, then we are making the worship of God about ourselves and not about Jesus Christ.

Tom Wade
Author Bio

Tom Wade has been a devout Christian and active churchgoer all his life. Born into a seventh-generation Methodist family, Tom’s maternal great-great-great-great grandfather, John Barber, was a peer of Methodism’s founder, John Wesley, and served on Wesley's Legal Hundred, including two terms as president. His paternal great-great-great grandfather, William Straughton, was a Baptist minister, first president of George Washington University, and the chaplain of the U.S. Senate. Born in Denver, Tom has spent most of his life in Virginia, growing up in Newport News and most recently making his home in Virginia's capital city of Richmond, where he now worships with the Assembly of God Congregation.