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Stump Connolly (Author)

I Told You So! Donald Trump, The Awful Years

I Told You So! Donald Trump, The Awful Years

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Dead Tree Press
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282 pg

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"No one blazed a trail through American politics quite like Donald Trump, and no one was better equipped to track it than Stump Connolly. In columns going back to 2012, Connolly reports on Trump's triumphs and tragedies in all their grandiose absurdity. With insight and humor, he takes us through the 2016 conventions, the emergence of Trump Nation, the Wall, the Russian investigation, coronavirus, missteps at home, pratfalls abroad, Trump's 2020 defeat, and the growing snowball of denial that led to the Capitol Insurrection.

The former president took the American economy to its greatest heights and plunged it into a disastrous pandemic, leaving the country in a valley of despair separating two distinct political and social cultures. Follow along with Stump as he tries to make sense of it as it was happening in his weekly column as chief political correspondent of The Week Behind."

Stump Connolly
Author Bio

"Been there, done that. How many political reporters can say that? Stump's been gassed at the '68 Democratic convention in Chicago, hung with Hunter Thompson in Wisconsin in '72, spent the '92 convention in New York inside Clinton's command and control trailer and pioneered internet political coverage in '96 in STUMP, A Campaign Journal.

Connolly is a veteran political observer of six previous presidential campaigns, an independent documentary producer and the longest running political commentator on the Internet.

He is the author of Talk's Cheap, Let's Race! an unabashed account of crashing the 2004 presidential race as chief political correspondent of The Week Behind and The Long Slog, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the White House, an account of his adventures along the 2008 campaign trail. He was also a co-producer of three PBS documentaries on the 1992 presidential race - The Primary, Convention and It's Debatable - released on DVD as Road to the Presidency: Inside the Clinton Campaign."