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Empire of the Owls

Empire of the Owls

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Dementi Milestone Publishing
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In the middle of the nineteenth century steam power replaced muscle power as the prime mover of civilization, and the Industrial Revolution roared across the world. A new World-Cycle, the Machine Age, was born. But in the Southern United States men took up arms against the imperatives of the machine, and their Lost Cause marked the end of the Age of Agriculture. By the editing of contemporary diaries, letters, essays, newspaper editorials, memoirs, histories and official records, and the collation of them into a narrative form, this work attempts to paint a contemporaneous portrait of the storm-tossed Confederacy and the revolution that swept it away. The narrative is written in the spirit of a bard singing the Confederate Epic. As such, it offers a challenge to some long-cherished American myths, and - to a de jure federated Republic that is in the late stages of transformation into a de facto centralized Democracy - it speaks Truth to Power.
H. V. Traywick
Author Bio

A native of Lynchburg, Virginia, the author graduated from the Virginia Military Instatite in 1967 with a degree in Civil Engineering and a Regular Commission in the US Army. His service included qualification as an Airborne Ranger, and command of an Engineer company in Vietnam, where he received the Bronze Star. After his return, he resigned his Commission and ended by making a career as a tugboat captain. During this time he was able to earn a Master of Liberal Arts from the University of Richmond, with an international focus on war and cultural revolution. He is a member of the Jamestowne Society, the Society of the Cincinnati in the State of Virginia, the Sons of Confederate Veterans, and the Society of Independent Southern Historians. He currently lives in Richmond, where he writes, studies history, literature and cultural revolution, and occasionally commutes to Norfolk to serve as a tugboat pilot.