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KP Roberson (Author)

Between the Birches

Between the Birches

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BDA Publishing
448 pg

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"Between the Birches: Awakening," the first installment in a thrilling new adult, dark romance, folk horror trilogy, plunges you into a world where magic is as real as the love that binds, monsters lurk in the shadows, and nightmares bleed into reality.

Beneath the rolling hills of Western North Carolina, an ancient evil stirs, shackled for millennia yet yearning for freedom. As malevolent forces conspire to unleash this darkness, only two souls stand between salvation and destruction.

Newlyweds Beth and Tom Newman, along with their best friend Grady Cooper, retreat to the tranquil Appalachian Mountains hoping for a serene getaway. A surprise reunion with old friends soon spirals into a terrifying race against time, transforming Beth's twenty-fifth birthday into a chilling memory she'd rather forget.

With their lives hanging by a thread and an unspeakable evil threatening to engulf the world, the trio must confront their darkest fears. In this heart-stopping tale, love, horror, and folklore intertwine, crafting a chilling saga you won't soon forget.

KP Roberson
Author Bio

K.P. Roberson is a Georgia native living in the southern Appalachian Mountains. A lover of science fiction, fantasy, and horror, she writes Stardew Valley fanfiction on Archive of Our Own, as well as a variety of original stories in the new adult, contemporary fantasy & romance, folk horror, and paranormal romance genres. 

When not writing, she enjoys movies, music, reading, gaming, gardening, and crocheting… which explains her love of weaving a good tale.