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Below the Fold

Below the Fold

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Below the Fold' by Benjamin Anderson is likely one of the strangest collections of short stories (or essays) that I have ever read and yet I could not put this book down. No two are alike and the way that they end left me scratching my head, giggling, desperately wanting more and most times, a combination of those three. My favorite story from this book was the one that is titled 'Two Heads Are Better,' which appears to describe the inner thoughts of one girl who is a Siamese twin and her father's desperate attempt to make sure that the girls figure out a way to be independent and yet learn to work as a team together in a world where the two will always be together because of their condition. This story followed a story about a rogue soccer player running through a school basically playing soccer with all of the equipment in the school from desks to a globe. The alert for the rogue soccer player had me laughing. Some of the stories are just crazy but that is what makes this whole thing so awesome. These seem almost like when you try to reach back and think of the dreams you had the night before. . . . This author has real skill, and I am definitely looking forward to reading more of what is put out by them. – Dog-Eared Reviews. Prepare to embark on a thought-provoking journey filled with diverse essays, stories, and musings. 'Below the Fold' is a unique book that invites readers to interpret its content in their own way. Amidst seemingly random dialogues and mad speeches, there are deep philosophical reflections and talking points on topics ranging from conspiracy theories and politics to history, language, and education. Author Benjamin Anderson's cryptic writing style pushes the boundaries of traditional literature, delivering a highly varied collection of ideas that will keep readers engaged and intrigued throughout the book. Whether it's conversations with an alarm clock, jokes by Cro-Magnon men, or a child's destructive behavior, 'Below the Fold' guarantees to keep you on your toes, and boredom is not an emotion you'll experience. . . . Book clubs might find it particularly engaging, as each reader will likely analyze the book differently and arrive at their own conclusions. Finally, I recommend 'Below the Fold' to those who enjoy unconventional books, as it's definitely worth exploring if you're up for a challenge. – Literary Titan

Benjamin Anderson
Author Bio

When Benjamin graduated, he took the journey, featured within 'Eighteen In Cross-country Odyssey.' He is also the author of 'Belonging,' 'Middle of the Road,' and 'Sirens of Morning Light,' a work of science fiction. It would be a sturdy name to put on a fishing pole if he could own to one.