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Kelsey Socha (Author)

An Archive of Brightness

An Archive of Brightness

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Lanternfish Press
5.25 X 8 in
144 pg

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Two stoic lobstermen harboring a secret affection. A lonely architect building houses and machines from the exoskeletons of scorpions in a desert town. A girl painfully growing into new wings. A flock of crows and an untidy vulture observe and collect these moments of human tenderness as they build an archive of brightness. Each love story becomes, in its own way, the end of a world—and the beginning of a new one.

Kelsey Socha
Author Bio

Kelsey Socha once wrote and staged a performance piece about lobsters before subsequently quitting theatre to become a librarian. She is originally from Kalamazoo, Michigan, but now lives in Western Massachusetts with her wife and two cats. This is her first book.