Thomas Curren

Tom Curren is a writer, farmer, conservationist, and an historian who lives in New Hampshire with his wife, folklorist Kathy Neustadt. Since the 1970s, Tom has had an extensive career writing and speaking about New England culture, life and landscape. He has written four local town histories as well as the statewide account of Old Home Day. As part of the singing group “The Good Old Plough” he has appeared at dozens of historical societies around the state, at the Shelburne Museum, on NBC’s “Good Morning America,” and well as in special performances on New Hampshire’s Channel 11 Educational Television Channel and on WEVO, New Hampshire Public Radio. He gives presentations at local historical societies and similar gatherings throughout the region. 

Tom recently published a history of the Boston-Cambridge folk music revival titled I Believe I’ll Go Back Home, about which the national Library Journal said: “Ultimately, the book is about America writ large, the power of our best (and worst) selves, and the role of music in inspiring, reflecting, and recovering the ideals of various times and people. In this time of discord, Curren hits exactly the right note.”