John David

Finding no fulfilment in career and relationship in England, and driven by a deep question, John David (formerly Premananda) began his spiritual journey. This began in Japan, and continued for many years in India with Osho, until he eventually arrived at the doorstep of his final master, Papaji, himself a disciple of the renowned Master, Sri Ramana Maharshi. Here, fifteen years of spiritual searching ended when the Self revealed itself and he recognised it as his true nature.

John David has been a spiritual teacher for 20 years, or in his words 'a messenger' of his Master, Papaji. The message that comes through John David is to be quiet, to become still, and to discover that we are the very happiness and love that we are seeking.

He is also an artist, author and filmmaker living in Open Sky House, an International Spiritual and Arts community that formed around him in Germany in 2004. The Community is open for anybody who has come to a point in their life where inner freedom or awakening is the first priority. Anyone is welcome to visit the various retreats which John David is offering or join the flow of the community as a guest or volunteer.

It is at Open Sky House that John David works closely with the residents and holds regular retreats as well as broadcasting live Zoom Meetings via the Internet Tuesday or Thursday weekly. You can engage in dialogue with him by entering into the meeting live using Zoom.